Monument Gallery

Monument Gallery

The monument was crafted to display and tell the story of our our service men and women since the United States Of America was birthed about the battles and conflicts our republic has experienced over the many years since she gave birth.  The various benches and wall caps reference those events in our history for our revue.      

Colonial America Battles & Conflicts

Battle of Trenton French & Indian War The Whiskey Rebellion


Antebellum Battles & Conflicts

Chapultepec War The Gettysburg Address US Coast Guard Academy US Navel Academy


Early 20th Century Battles & Conflicts

Gold Star Families WWII Operation Iceberg WWII Operation Overlord WWII Pearl Harbor WWI Battle of Cantigy WWI The Four Chaplains


Cold War Era Battles & Conflicts

Cold War Berlin Wall Cold War Berlin Airlift Korean War Un Counteroffensive US Air Force Academy Vietnam War Tet Offensive


Post Cold War Battles & Conflicts

Operation Neptune Spear The War In Afghanistan The Persian Gulf War Operation Restore Hope